[ClevPicks Selection]: Top 10 Brazilian Soccer Players of All Time - Part 2

Natalia Richardson

Updated: Aug 25, 2022 08:40

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5. Romario

Brazil hadn't won the World Cup in 24 years when Romario arrived to add his name in gold letters to the annals of the Scratch du Oro.

Romario accepted the USA '94 World Cup as his own after being a member of the team's early withdrawal from Italy '90. On North American territory, he scored five times, and in the decisive penalty shootout against Italy, he also scored from the spot.


Many supporters were outraged by his absence from the Brazil World Cup squads for France '98 and Korea-Japan 2002 for various reasons, and Romario broke down before the French World Cup. Because of those circumstances, we'll always wonder what would have happened if he'd been able to join Ronaldo on those cups.

Romario was a deadly finisher in the penalty area; he always managed to score. He also created two of the most recognizable recent offensive combinations while playing for the national team.

He first teamed up with Ronaldo—often referred to as the Ro-Ro duo—during the 1994 World Cup, then with Bebeto. Romario enjoyed his time in Brazil.

4. Zico

When Zico donned the Selecao's No. 10 shirt, it was almost as if Pele had never departed; this is why they dubbed him the "White Pele."

Zico was a superb athlete who coupled his broad understanding of the game with his exceptional talent to rank among the greatest passers in football history.

But if he had to finish the plays himself, he was just as proficient at "passing" the ball into the goal. The playmaker from Carioca was also lethal from free throws.

zico brazil

In the late 1970s and through half of the 1980s, when he had the opportunity to participate in three World Cups, he served as the captain of one of the most talented and impressive Brazil teams in history.

Zico scored four goals in Spain '82 as Brazil dominated the competition, but they were unable to cap their efforts with the world championship, a shame that Zico and his generation will always bear.

He was handicapped by a serious injury sustained a year earlier during his final World Cup in Mexico in 1986, proving to the world that both he and his technique were fallible.

Brazil lost to France in a penalty shootout in the quarterfinal round after Zico missed a critical penalty attempt.

3. Ronaldo

He was just unbeatable in his heyday. He developed into one of the most deadly attackers in the world, capable of outwitting both goalies and defenders with quick movements or pure talent.

Ronaldo won the World Cup in USA '94 at the age of 17, despite not playing a single minute of the competition.


Brazil's hopes of regaining the Ballon d'Or (Golden Ball) rested on O Fenomeno, who entered France '98 as the current winner.

His convulsions only hours before the final and France's 3-0 victory against Brazil brought the dream to an abrupt conclusion.

Ronaldo won the World Cup for the second time in his career four years later, rising from the ashes like a phoenix.

He managed to score eight goals during this time, earning him the tournament's Golden Boot and making him the first player to score more than six goals in a World Cup since 1974.

His final FIFA World Cup participation in Germany 2006, and despite the accusations of being overweight and out of shape from the critics, he still managed to score three goals.

With 15 goals, Ronaldo currently holds the record for most goals scored at a World Cup and is ranked second all-time among scorers for Brazil.

2. Garrincha

Even if that assertion could be skewed owing to his role as a people's player, some Brazilians who had the pleasure of witnessing his superb performances assert that Garrincha is the finest to ever don the national team shirt.

Despite having one leg that was longer than the other at birth, Manuel Francisco dos Santos went on to become a legendary player in football.

At the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, Garrincha and Pele kicked off the Brazilian football revolution. The diminutive winger's ability to dribble past defenders as though facing amateur opponents astounded the Europeans.


There is yet to be a match for the valiant victory of a non-European team in the World Cup on European grounds.

When Pele became injured during the group stage of the 1962 tournament in Chile, Garrincha took over and guided Brazil to back-to-back world titles. Mane scored twice against England and Chile in the quarterfinal and semifinal matches, respectively. He finished with the most goals and was the best player in the championship.

He continued to play in England '66, scoring in the 2-0 victory over Bulgaria, but Brazil was eliminated after the group round.

Given that Garrincha had already left behind an enduring legacy, it didn't really matter.

1. Pele

He is referred to as O Rei (the King) and is regarded as the greatest player in history.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento is the renowned football player—the one and only Pele—whom the majority of fans today never had the chance to witness in person. However, earlier generations made sure they were aware of him.

Pele was already working his magic on the Swedish fields during the 1958 World Cup, at a young age when many young people dream of making their professional debut.


During his debut World Cup, the Brazilian youngster scored six goals, including a hat-trick in the semifinal and a double in the championship game. Even at the young age of 17, he played a crucial role in the South American nation's first global title!

Pele guided the illustrious Brazil to their third world title in 1970. O Rei was able to contribute to his teammates with four assists, leave a number of remarkable plays that didn't even result in goals, and score four goals himself during the tournament.

From beginning to end, Pele experienced Brazil's Golden Age; in a sense, he personified it. In addition, he is the only player in the world and in Brazil who has won three World Cups.

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