Morocco Eliminated Portugal 1:0 to Advance to the Quarterfinals

Jeffrey Monkhouse

Updated: Dec 12, 2022 06:12

At 23:00 on December 10, the third quarter-final match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup was played between European giants Portugal and African team Morocco. In the first half of the match, Ennesley opened the record with a header. In the second half of the match, Cristiano Ronaldocame on as a substitute, and no goals were scored by both side.

At the end of the match, Portugal lost 0-1 to Morocco and did not qualify for the quarterfinals.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Last World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to build success for 2 consecutive matches as a substitute, and the team did not reach the quarterfinals. In the 5 games of this year's World Cup, the 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldomade 3 starts and 2 substitute appearances and finally scored only one goal.

cristiano ronaldo

In this year's World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo in the first game against Ghana, a point-blank shot broke, becoming the first player in the history of five consecutive tournaments have scored goals, this is also his personal eighth goal in the five tournaments. But Cairo's campaign at this year's World Cup is over, and this match is essentially his last World Cup tournament.

Portugal World Cup

Portugal defeated Switzerland 6-1 in the eighth final, with striker Ramos, who started for Cairo, scoring a hat trick. Obviously, a big win raised expectations for Portugal, and Brazilian legend Rivaldo talked in an interview about the favorites to win the World Cup in his mind, saying he was optimistic about Brazil, France, and Portugal. And well-known commentator Huang Jianxiang said he could raise his expectations for Portugal after the country's 6-1 win over Switzerland in the last round.

But in the game against the African Lions, Portugal did not play the expected offense and faced with the opponent's layered and targeted defense, Portugal did not have many ways.

portugal morocco

Even if they arranged for Cairo to come on as a substitute early in the second half, there was nothing they could do with Morocco's extremely resilient defense. In the end, Portugal sent Cameroon to refresh the best World Cup record in the history of the team, but also the history of the first African team to enter the World Cup quarterfinals.

Morocco World Cup

Morocco deserves to be the strongest dark horse in the tournament. The 1-0 is also Morocco's fourth shutout in five games at this year's World Cup, and they only had a goal against Canada when their defender Agder inadvertently set himself up. The strongest defense line is indeed true to its name, the last outbreak of Portugal's offensive group, this one all dumb.

The team has lost four consecutive World Cups without reaching the quarterfinals. 2006 World Cup, Portugal defeated France 0-1 in the semifinals, eventually finishing fourth. 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Portugal defeated Spain 0-1 in the eighth quarterfinals, 2014 World Cup group early exit, the last World Cup was a 1-2 loss to Uruguay in the eighth quarterfinals.

morocco world cup

The two teams have played each other twice in history, with each team winning one match, with Portugal scoring two goals and conceding three. The two sides last played each other in the 2018 World Cup group stage, when Portugal advanced with a 1-0 win over Morocco.

Highlights of Portugal VS Morocco

  • In the 5th minute, Portugal got a free kick on the right side of the front field, the free kick was sent to the box, Felix headed the ball, and the ball was parried by the opponent's goalkeeper to the bottom line, Portugal got a corner kick opportunity, the corner kick was taken, the ball was cleared out of the box.
  • In the 6th minute, Ziyech took a corner kick from the left side, and the corner kick was taken to the middle, and Annesley headed the ball over the crossbar.
  • In the 13th minute, Portugal got a free kick on the right side of the field. The free kick was sent to the box, Neves hit the opponent with a header, and the ball reached Guerrero who followed up with a shot, which was blocked.
  • morocco win

  • In the 18th minute, Ziyech took the ball on the right side of the field, cut inside to the right side of the front of the box, and shot a low left-footed shot, which was deflected off the right post.
  • In the 22nd minute, the camera on the field was given to the Portuguese star Deco. In the 23rd minute, Guerrero crossed the ball from the left side of the box, and B fee fouled the goalkeeper with a header.
  • In the 29th minute, the camera on the scene was given to Cairo on the bench, who was watching the game closely and very seriously. In the 31st minute, Felix took the ball in front of the box on the left side and shot a shot, the ball hit the opponent player and went out of the line.
  • In the 35th minute, Boufal took the ball on the left side of the penalty area and sent a reverse triangle to pass down to Amara, who followed up with a shot that was too high. In the 39th minute, Guerrero took the ball on the left side of the field and sent a 45-degree pass to Felix, who shot the ball over the crossbar.
  • In the 42nd minute, Arar took the ball on the left side of the field and crossed it 45 degrees, Ennesly headed the ball in the middle of the box and the ball went into the net, Morocco 1-0 Portugal.
  • In the 47th minute, Ramos fell to the ground on the left side of the box, the referee did not award a penalty kick. In the second half, both sides changed sides and played again. In the 47th minute, Dalot crossed the ball from the bottom, and the ball was close to the goalkeeper, who beat the ball out of the bottom line.
  • In the 49th minute, the camera on the field was given to the sideline, and Cristiano Ronaldowas warming up. In the 51st minute, Portugal made a change, Cairo and Cancelo played, and Guerrero and Neves came off the bench. In the 52nd minute, Cristiano Ronaldoplayed a cross under the left side of the box, which was relatively close to the goalkeeper, and the ball was confiscated.
  • In the 58th minute, Dalot's cross from the right side of the penalty area was headed by Ramos in the middle of the penalty area and deflected off the right post. In the 64th minute, B fee's long shot from the top of the box went over the crossbar. In the 66th minute, Cristiano Ronaldotook the ball in front of the field and was kicked down by Benon, the referee gave Portugal a free kick. In the 69th minute, Portugal made another personnel change, Vitinha and Leao played, and Ramos and Ottavio came off the bench.
  • In the 70th minute, Léo was kicked down near the bottom line on the left side of the box, and Portugal got a set piece, a reverse triangle cross, and B XI didn't touch the ball. From the 72nd minute to the 74th minute, Portugal got three corner kicks in a row, but none of them threatened.
  • In the 80th minute, Portugal made a change, with Horta playing and Dalot coming off the bench. In the 83rd minute, Cairo took the ball with his back in the right side of the box and played it back to Felix, whose pocket shot was parried by the goalkeeper.
  • In the 93rd minute, Khedira kicked Felix and received the second yellow card of the match. The match ended with a 1:0 victory for Morocco.


So far this season, Morocco has played five games and finished with four clean sheets, with only one against Canada, an inadvertent own goal by local defender Agder. In the remaining four games, Morocco beat Belgium, Spain, and Portugal, and drew with Croatia, and all four games were completed with no shutouts.

It is said that the weak team will go out, now Bunu in this World Cup has made Morocco history with his super performance, In the next tournament, Morocco to continue to move forward, and Bunu's performance is crucial.

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