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FIFA World Cup 2022: Is this Messi's Last Tournament?

Jeffrey Monkhouse

Updated: Oct 27, 2022 09:27

Do you want to see Messi in World Cup 2022? Do you want to know where Messi will play the next World Cup? Or even the next Olympic Games?

We are going to discuss Messi's world cup history and updated news about the world cup 2022 in Qatar. He is one of the few active footballers that has the age advantage over his competitors. Although he has slowed down a little bit, he still can fit into one of the 7 favorites for the world cup trophy. Without any further delay, let's begin the article.

Will 2022 Be the Last World Cup for Messi?

It is said that Lionel Messi's world cup will be the last world cup for him in Qatar 2022. However, he has proved that age is just a number and his hard work and talent is going to inspire the football world for the hundreds of super talented guys in future.

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He proved himself in football tournaments. Messi has become the most complete footballer on earth and is undisputedly the best player in world football. But according to reports, Messi will be hitting international retirement soon after the 2022 world cup in Qatar.

Has Messi Won the World Cup?

According to various Quora experts, Messi has never won a World Cup with Argentina but he has won many titles like Olympic Gold in 2008, Under – 20 World Cup in 2005, and Copa America in the last year.

He is known as best team player. He is known as the one and only player in the world who has won two FIFA world cups golden balls in the history. He has won numerous trophies for his country and club. He is considered to be the most accomplished player of his generation. He has helped his country Argentina win many titles and gain fame.

Messi World Cup Goals and His Career

Let's discuss Messi's world cup goals and career. No doubt, Messi is a gifted footballer and has been able to win football tournaments for his country Argentina and his club Barcelona. And who can forget the magical goal Messi scored against Nigeria in the 2014 World Cup?

Messi's goal helped Argentina to qualify for the round of 16 in the world cup. He holds many records including scoring a goal in 90th minute against Atlético Madrid in Spain's El Clasico. His scoring streak in El Clasico and his assist to Sergio Agüero are some of his most memorable and interesting achievements. The following goals scored by Messi in world cups are:

Germany 2006

He score 6 in Germany World Cup in 2006. This FIFA world cup is historical. Germany was touted to be the best team of all time, and they had not lost a match in the previous 6 world cup tournaments. Argentina defeated Germany, with Messi scoring 6 goals, the same number as in the previous world cup.

It is interesting to note that Messi is the only player in history to score 6 goals in World Cup. He won the hearts of fans at the age of 18 in this FIFA world cup. His real fame emerged in media after this victory when Argentina won at 6-0 goals victory just because of Messi.

South Africa 2010

He appeared 18 times in South Africa World Cup 2010 and scored only four goals. The road towards South Africa of Argentina was obviously turbulent, totally least.

The reason behind least number of goals of Messi in 2010 was: he was positioned deep in this midfield and that's what not the deal behind with this Barcelona's Superstar. He was really criticized at that time because Argentinian players were always at the top in FIFA world cups and he was not leading his country well. He was 23 years old in this tournament and he did well as compared to other players but expectations were much high. It is said he did not get the opportunity to play in his favorite midfield.

messi world cup

Brazil 2014

Messi entered the 2014 world cup of Brazil in order to glorify his country's name. Messi was not in the best shape because of injuries, but still, Argentina qualified for the round. In a victory of 1-0 against Switzerland , Messi made a late great performance in the game with a goal and two assists.

Messi's masterful performance saw him score a remarkable 2-1 score over Boznia. He didn't won against Germany but still he was awarded with Golden Ball in this world cup. He won the hearts of the football world by scoring best in the tournaments.

Russia 2018

Despite having less impact than before the tournament, Messi got a goal in the opening game of the World Cup against Iceland and another in the second against Nigeria.

Despite Messi having less on the field and not performing up to his potential, he still managed to collect three man of the match awards, one for the opener against Iceland, and two for his performance against Nigeria. Messi's total World Cup goals so far is 4, same number as his idol Diego Maradona's.

messi in world cup


Messi has enjoyed a brilliant career at international level. His performance at the different stages of the world cup have always been outstanding. The Argentina national team needs a player like Messi to win the cup, and Messi does not look like he is ready to give up the chance.

Argentina may have lost out on the 2018 World Cup but Messi still managed to make a great impression in Russia. Messi appearance in Qatar 2022 may determine his international career as it would be his 6th World Cup.

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