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How to Bet on World Cup 2022? Different types of Soccer Moneylines

Jeffrey Monkhouse

Updated: Nov 24, 2022 02:38

Are you new in the betting world? Football is one of the favorite sports, With more than 3.5 billion fans around the world. The countdown for the FIFA world cup has begun, and bookmakers are also taking a keen interest while betting on soccer.  Today we will discuss different ways of how to bet on World Cup 2022.

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How to Prepare for the World Cup Betting?

Betting on the world cup is not difficult if you have done enough homework. To prepare for world cup betting, you must have enough knowledge about the world cup. It includes general rules and regulations about the games. As well as group matches, Knockout stage, and other stages.

Do proper research on the Player's selection, team combination, Player injury, yellow card, red cards, match roaster, and weather forecast. You must have enough knowledge before you jump into betting on soccer.

betting world cup

Get ready for every type of game result. Don't run behind Win only, there are three different options in football. It includes Win, Loss, and Draw. You must be able to know about points allotment for each result.

Before betting, we suggest doing some research to collect the best possible betting odds numbers. Do thorough research on team and player statistics and keep FIFA ranking in your mind.

Soccer Moneyline

Before we discuss Soccer Moneylines, let's discuss Moneyline first. The Moneyline is defined as a type of betting in any type of sport. That who will win. It is one of the basic types of betting techniques. Betting on soccer is called soccer moneylines. Different types of soccer moneylines are discussed below.

3-way soccer moneylines

Soccer is a time-bounded game, that is, each game time is one and a half hour or 90 minutes only. Therefore, most bettor use 3 way moneyline method to bet on the game.  How this method works? let me brief you.

In 3-way soccer moneylines, three options are available for bettors. i.e. Either to bet on Team A winning, team B winning, or if the match ends with a draw in 90 minutes duration. Let's explain it with an example of the Iran Vs England match in the FIFA World Cup

England: -450

Draw: 600

Iran: +380

The minus sign indicates the favorite team. From the above odds figures, it results. That a $450 bet will give you a $100 profit if England wins. Similarly, if the match ends with a draw, you will get a $600 profit. Similarly, if Iran Wins you will get a $380 profit with a $100 bet.

3 way soccer moneylines

2-way soccer moneylines

This type of Moneyline has two options. Either team A wins or Team B wins. 2-way soccer moneylines remove the tie (Draw option from the list) and a person who wagered on any team will get profit. If games end with draw, then in this case all bets will be canceled. And the stack will be refunded to bettors. Let explain it with an example.

Consider two teams of Group C. I.e. Argentina and Saudi Arabia with the following odds value.

Argentina: -135

Saudi Arabia: +105

The first thing that we want to mention here is that Argentina is most favored by oddsmakers. While Saudi Arabia is Underdog at +105. If Argentina or Saudi Arabia wins the game. Then the bet value will come into action. And wagers will get their profit according to the odds value. But if the match has no result e.g. match gets draw. Then according to 2 soccer Moneyline, no action will be taken on the bet. And the stack will be refunded to bettors.

Soccer double chance lines

As clear from the name, Double chance lines combines the possibilities of two different outcomes in a single using soccer betting. In the 3-way soccer Moneyline, there are three options, in two 2-way soccer Moneyline wagers have two options by removing the draw option. While in double chance lines you can bet on Either team A win or ends with a draw, Or team B win or the match ends with a draw.

Consider Two teams Brazil vs Serbia with double chance line bets.

Brazil wins or Draw: -135

Serbia Win or Draw: +105

Brazil or Serbia:  -600

If you use a double-chance bet. Then according to the double chance lines bet, if any of the above teams wins. You will get profit. While if the game ends with daw you will lose your bet money.

Betting Goal Lines

Goal lines are specific numbers that define a team's strength. It means how many goals a team will score in a game. These are also referred to as a spread. Depending upon the team's strength specific value is assigned. Keep the following hack in mind while reading goal lines.

  • When two teams are evenly Matched: Goal line Value will be -0.5 and +0.5
  • When there is a big Mismatch between teams: The goal line Value will be -1.5 and +1.5
  • In case of a Huge talent gap such as in women's team: The goal line Value will be -3.5 or more than this

For example, consider two teams Brazil and KSA, then betting via Goal line will be.

Brazil: -1.5 (-185)

KSA: +1.5 (+145)

There is a big mismatch between Brazil and KSA team, therefore the odd value is -1.5 and +1.5.

world cup betting guide

Betting Totals

Betting Totals can be defined as a specific score that a team will score in a specific game. It is a type of line set by an oddsmaker to predict the total number of goals that will be scored in a game. But as we know that soccer is a time-bound activity. i.e. game time is restricted to 90 minutes only so the Total in soccer is also reduced to a lower value.

Total is further categorized as over and Under.

Over is used if more gaols are expected above the total in a game, this will have a higher bet value.

Under: When less number of goals are expected by odds makers in a game. They use the Under category.

An example is: Consider two teams Spain and Japan with a Betting Total of 2.5. if you Bet over 2.5 and 3 goals are scored in a gem you win, similarly, if you selected under 2.5, and less than 2.5 goals score you again win.

Spain and Japan

Over 2.5 Goals Bet Value (-138)

Under 2.5 Goals Bet Value (+110)

Soccer futures

Soccer futures are type of odds for a specific team, or player for a whole season. These soccer futures are decided for the whole tournament or series. It changes with each game depending upon the team performance, player performance, injury, or fitness test. Depending upon the team's performance in a specific tournament, bettor place future bets on a specific team.

Each team has its own bet value according to its strength and performance. It is again worth mentioning that a team with the most negative value is most favored to win by the bettor. Common tournaments for future bets are the FIFA world cup and the Euro league. Examples of Soccer Future bets are

Argentina -700

Spain -500

Cameroon +180

Serbia +220

Qatar +330


In this article, we discussed betting on soccer in detail. We also discussed how to bet on soccer. And what are the different types of soccer moneyline? Different types include 3 way moneyline, 2 way moneyline, Bengals over/under wins total betting breakdown, and many more. Do you want to get prediction about your favorite team in this world cup? Try Clevpicks for free predictions.

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