The Biggest Surprise of the World Cup So Far - Gonzalo Ramos

Nick Wilhelm

Updated: Dec 14, 2022 02:46

In the previous article, 10 Best Young Soccer Players at FIFA World Cup 2022, the writer introduced ten young players who have a lot of power, but who would have thought that the biggest surprise of the World Cup so far is the unknown Gonzalo Ramos.

Compared to the early stars such as Garvey and Bellingham, this Portuguese star is so dim, but no one will not recognize him through the World Cup. Let's get to know the Benfica striker and analyze his strength and usage in real life.

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Performance of World Cup 2022

Gonzalo Ramos currently plays for Benfica Football Club. In November 2022, Ramos was selected for Portugal's 26-man World Cup roster, and on November 18, in a warm-up match against Nigeria, Ramos scored within a minute to help Portugal win 4-0.

 On December 7, in the World Cup 1/8 final against Switzerland, Ramos scored a hat-trick and assisted Guerrero, becoming the first player since Klose in 2002 to score a hat-trick on his first World Cup debut. He became the first player since Klose in 2002 to score a hat-trick on his World Cup debut, and became the youngest Portuguese goalscorer in the World Cup knockout rounds at the age of 21 years and 169 days, helping Portugal win 6-1 and advance to the last eight. After the match, Ramos was selected as the best player of the match.

gonzalo ramos

Gonzalo Ramos has been promoted from Benfica's youth team to the adult team based on his excellent performance, and has been able to maintain a good goal scoring efficiency in recent seasons, except for last season.

The rest of the season is almost to maintain an average of one goal efficiency, this season is currently appearing and starting 11 games, scored 9 goals and assisted 1 goal, the efficiency is amazing. From this point of view, it seems that the excellent performance of the World Cup makes sense.

In the national team of Portugal in all age groups. Gonzalo was also able to maintain an efficiency of close to 1 goal per game, and he was also awarded the top scorer in the UEFA Youth League for his superb goal scoring ability.

Playing Skills of Gonzalo Ramos

Style: False running, false running is characterized by "attracting the opponent's defender to create space for other players", this type of player's running is more purposeful, which is to attract the opponent's defender to defend him and create space for teammates to play or continue to advance. So their running position will be more confusing, sometimes inserting forward, sometimes running sideways, sometimes retreating, and even going around in a half circle, so you can't understand it.

That's because you don't understand the mission of the false runner. When teammates attack close to the box, their initial run is not to create opportunities for themselves, but to create space for their teammates, at which point you will only be left disappointed if you expect him to start off like a poacher running out of space to hit the goal directly.


They usually only look for opportunities for themselves in the final stages of the development of the attack, such as receiving the bottom pass or waiting for the additional shot, players who like to use Muller see this is not the same feeling? So to understand their running habits is not called "confused", but a positive word: "ghostly". Could it be that Portugal's big win over Switzerland was due to Gonzalo's ghostly running position, making the opponent unable to defend?

Physical quality and model: Gonzalo's physical quality belongs to the middle of the lower, height 184 is considered to be in the upper, weight reached 77 kg, in the center of the player belongs to the medium model. Strong aspect 74 of the body contact is slightly lower, so that the confrontation is weaker, can not withstand the physical contact with the center back, but the false runner's running habit would have been to try to avoid physical contact. 93 of physical strength is not bad, able to support until the final stage.

Double speed: Gonzalo's double speed is moderately low, speed 86 is okay, but the explosive power is only 83 is not enough.

Passing and disc control: Passing and disc control is Gonzalo's weakness, 70+ disc control and passing data is not much highlight, can not hold the ball, the quality of the pass is also general.

Skills: The most practical is single-touch passing, in addition to shooting skills are also very rich, especially receiving the ball directly at goal, can improve the back of the shot hit rate. It is recommended to play him a two-touch ball to improve the success rate of crosses, other skills according to personal preference to play on it.

  • Whether it is a shadow striker or a winger, it should not be considered as the first scoring point, but used as a second striker or even a third scoring point, otherwise catching a duck on the shelf will only bring infinite disappointment.
  •  Therefore, it is not recommended to put Gonzalo in the single center or middle shadow forward position of single center formation, and it is more recommended to use double center formation, such as 4312, 4222, 4132, etc.
  • Let Gonzalo occupy one of the forward positions. Depends on the player's ability, if the shot is better set up as a center forward, if the pass is better set up as a shadow forward. The other center forward is recommended as poacher > box fox, not as pivot center forward, and the front waist is recommended as forward attacker. The reason is that when Gonzalo attracts the defense, it can create openings for the poacher/box fox or forward attacker front waist.
  • If other players don't grasp the first chance or hit the goal is paralyzed or can't break through, Gonzalo will most likely appear in the dangerous area ignored by the defenders, once they run out of good position, immediately give him a pass, they will reward your trust in him with a ghostly position, whether it's a goal or an assist is the next logical thing. The next step is a matter of course.
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