Croatia 5-3 eliminated Brazil, Brazil for the Second Consecutive Stop in the Last 8!

Jeffrey Monkhouse

Updated: Dec 12, 2022 08:56

At 23:00 on the evening of December 9, the quarterfinals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, Brazil 0-0 Croatia in regular time and the two teams drew 1-1 in overtime. Penalty shootout Croatia 4-2, the total score of 5-3 victory over Brazil, successfully advanced to the World Cup quarterfinals.

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Croatia World Cup

Croatia eliminated the loss of the mighty Brazil after a penalty shootout in the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In the knockout rounds of the two rounds of the game, Croatia even over Japan and Brazil, and both were penalty kicks to wade through.

In this year's World Cup 1/8 final, Croatia and Japan 1-1 draw, after 30 minutes of overtime both sides have nothing to offer. By the penalty shootout, Croatia won 3-1 to advance to the last 8.


In the quarterfinals early this morning, Croatia and Brazil exchanged 0-0 draws in 90 minutes, with each side scoring one goal in overtime. In the penalty shootout, Croatia hit all four penalties to eliminate Brazil 4-2, 5-3 on aggregate!

In the last World Cup, Croatia made it all the way to the finals with extra time and penalty shootouts. 1/8 finals, Croatia drew 1-1 with Denmark in 90 minutes and won 3-2 on penalty kicks. 1/4 finals, Croatia drew 1-1 with Russia in 90 minutes and won 4-3 on penalty kicks. In the semi-finals, Croatia drew with England in 90 minutes, the score was still 1-1, and a sword in extra time killed the final.

Brazil World Cup

Before this year's World Cup began, Brazil was seen by the media and fans as the biggest favorite to win the title. Despite the injuries to several players in the Brazilian team during the World Cup, Brazil is still favored with the return of Neymar from injury.

After the World Cup top eight, the latest World Cup odds offered by bookmakers, Brazil topped the list with 1 to 2.75, while second-ranked France had only 1 to 5 odds to win, while Brazil's opponent in this game, Croatia, had only 1 to 34 odds to win.


The Brazilian national team had a clear advantage in this game, with 19 shots on goal, 11 of which were on target. But Croatian goalkeeper Livakovic performed heroically, having pounced on the threatening shots of Neymar, Paquita, and others, and even blocked the "oops shot" of Croatian defender Gwadiore in the 47th minute.

Croatia only had 9 shots and 1 shot on goal but equalized in the 117th minute of extra time. To break Croatia's goal, only Neymar played a full game in Brazil's front four, starting Rafinha, Vinicius and Richarlison were replaced by Anthony, Rodrigo, and Pedro.

But the six attackers were never able to score, and only Neymar scored a goal in overtime with his excellent individual ability. And after entering the penalty shootout, the confidence of the Croatian players is stronger, because they eliminated Belgium in the previous 1/8 final precisely through a penalty shootout, goalkeeper Livakovic in the last penalty shootout to save three penalties, and this penalty shootout saved Brazilian youngster Rodrigo's penalty.

croatia vs brazil

The Brazilian goalkeeper, Alisson, failed to build a successful penalty shootout, and Brazil eventually lost the penalty shootout 2-4, with Neymar, who was set to play 5th, not even having the chance to kick a penalty.

In the last World Cup Brazil lost 1-2 to Belgium in the quarterfinals, and this World Cup Brazil again did not reach the quarterfinals. Brazil's national team manager Tite has been determined to leave after this World Cup, and players such as Neymar and Casemiro, who are already over 30 years old, may have missed the best chance to win the World Cup.

Highlights of Brazil VS Croatia

  • Regular time ended with the two teams tied at 0-0. The first half of overtime began with Neymar taking a corner kick from the right side in the 92nd minute, which Pedro headed wide.
  • In the 95th minute, Danilo's cross from the left flew off the line. In the 97th minute, Paqueta crossed the ball to Neymar in the penalty area, but Juranovic was able to clear the ball. In the 99th minute, Rodrigo's cross from the left went straight over the line.
  • In the 100th minute, Vlasic's cross from the right was cleared by Marquinhos inside the box. In the 101st minute, Brazil crossed in from the right and Pedro missed a reverse hook shot from inside the box. In the 103rd minute, Petkovic broke through the ball on the left side of the box and crossed it to Brozovic, who shot away unguarded.
  • In the 105th minute, Danilo shot high from outside the box. In the first minute of extra time, Neymar and Paqueta played a wall match, then Neymar shot from a small angle after dribbling past the goalkeeper on the right side of the box, making Brazil 1-0!
  • The second half of overtime started with Brazil replacing Sandro and Fred. In the 107th minute, Perisic's cross from the left flew off the other side of the sideline. In the 109th minute, Rodrigo played a long pass at the back of the field and Gwadiore got the ball before Neymar. In the 111th minute, Thiago Silva went down after a scramble.

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