Argentina Beats Netherlands, 4:3, Advances to World Cup Semifinals

Jeffrey Monkhouse

Updated: Dec 12, 2022 08:48

In the quarterfinals of the Qatar World Cup soccer tournament on the 9th, the Netherlands drew 2:2 with Argentina in 90 minutes, and did not win in overtime. In the penalty shootout, Argentina won 4:3 and will face Croatia in the semifinals.

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2022 World Cup Netherlands

Just as Van Gaal said, the Dutch team did not do anything wrong. The Netherlands, which is not superior in terms of strength, pulled out two goals in a row in a disadvantageous situation where they were 0-2 down. It's just a pity that "Penalty runs and shots can be trained, but mental quality cannot be practiced."

The first penalty kick was taken by Van Dijk, as the number one player of the Netherlands, but he conceded it, which doomed the Netherlands to misery at the beginning of the penalty shootout.

Dutch goalkeeper Norbert said confidently in his pre-match outlook, "Messi is better than us, but he is also human and can concede penalties."

netherlands argentina

This statement did not anger, but rather inspired Messi. Not only did he not concede any penalties, but he did not concede any in the match or in the penalty shootout, and the penalty conceded turned out to be Norbert's teammates Van Dijk and Bogois. It can only be said that the creation of man.

The Netherlands did everything they could do, most notably Weghorst. As a substitute, he also did the best. First, he scored a header to kick off the Dutch counterattack, and then he helped his team equalize with a clever free kick in the last minute of extra time.

Weghorst almost created a miracle. Just like that, the Dutch team also almost created a miracle. But miracles can't be found, and the slight gap between them and Argentina in terms of strength was eventually reflected in the result.

Weghorst almost made a miracle. Just as, the Dutch team also almost created a miracle. But miracles can not be found, and the slight gap between them and Argentina in terms of strength is eventually reflected in the results.


Damien Martinez

Damian Martinez became the new patron saint of Argentina, while Goyechea in 1990 and Romero in 2014 became his patron saint. Martinez saved the first and second penalties, helping his team win the classic penalty shootout on his own.

The Dutch team avoided the topic of "how to defend against Messi" before the match, preferring to call it a "Netherlands-Argentina duel". Indeed, when the game came to the penalty shootout, Messi could be forgotten, but Argentina had one more Martinez than the Netherlands, and this was the winner of the "Netherlands-Argentina duel".

Argentina World Cup

Congratulations to Messi, who is one step closer to the Copa Libertadores and the Ballon d'Or. With a scalpel-accurate direct assist and a four-goal penalty, Messi records came close to killing the game early. But even though the Dutch team equalized in the last minute, Messi still became the lynch pin of Argentina in the penalty shootout.

He scored the first penalty, while Van Dijk, the first Dutch player, conceded. Martinez, who pounced on two penalties for Argentina, was a credit to the team, but he could not take away the role of ballast played by Messi's first penalty.


The penalty scored in the match was Messi's 10th World Cup goal, which tied him with Batistuta for first place in Argentina's history. But for Messi, all the records combined are no match for the final Hercules Cup.

If Argentina eventually wins the title, Messi's contribution in this game will be written into history as one of the most important cornerstones together.

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