Argentina, 2022 World Cup Champion!

Natalia Richardson

Updated: Dec 19, 2022 03:37

After 28 days and 63 matches, the final of the World Cup in Qatar was finally held. After a 120-minute battle, the two sides drew 3:3, and Argentina finally won the Cup of Hercules 4:2 on penalties against France.

Argentina won the World Cup again after 36 years, the last time they won the Cup was far away in 1986.

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Argentina vs France in World Cup 2022

This year's World Cup can be described as exciting, the top 32 gave several famous games, and many teams created the best record in history, bringing fans unlimited surprises. Like the Morocco team that broke into the quarterfinals, the Senegalese team that returned to the last 16 after 20 years, and so on. The miracles created by these teams undoubtedly bring fans the courage to overcome difficulties together.

argentina win world cup

A better World Cup, and the spirit behind it, is a true gift to the world.

With superstar Lionel Messi, Argentina has had an inspirational journey in this year's World Cup. Before the start of the World Cup, Argentina was touted by the media as the favorite to win the title. But the first game of the group stage was a blackout, 1:2 against Saudi Arabia, the weakest team in the group, which cast a shadow on Argentina's prospects of qualifying for the group. For a while, vitriolic criticism from around the world came pouring in.

However, Argentina quickly adjusted its form and tactics, and in the next group, stage beat Mexico and Poland in a row to advance to the knockout stage as the first group. In the knockout rounds, the Argentine team became braver and braver, eliminating Australia, the Netherlands, and Croatia one after another. In the final, the team had the last laugh.

Lionel Messi

Argentina's number one star Lionel Messi, who is 35 years old this year, is making his 5th and last impact on the Hercules Cup. As a superstar, he usually has to carry a huge pressure. Especially after the first game loss to Saudi Arabia, many people accused him of doing nothing when the team was trailing.

Since then, Messi's form has been getting better and better. When Argentina defeated the Netherlands on penalties, the always mild-mannered Messi rarely raged at the camera in the post-match interview. This can be seen as an outburst of the huge psychological pressure Messi has been under for a long time.

argentinia messi

Behind Messi's rebounding form is the timely adjustment of his mentality and the help and encouragement of many people behind the scenes.

A team's performance depends on the players' performance on the field, especially the superstars' performance, which is often crucial. And behind the players, there is often a team that serves them: the team's coaching staff. A coaching team usually consists of a head coach, assistant coaches, technical coaches, technical analysts, physical trainers, goalkeeper coaches, physiotherapists, team doctors, and other personnel, each with their duties.

Argentina Coaching Team

The reason why Messi can carry the weight in the pressure is inseparable from the silent contribution of the coaching team. For example, the physiotherapist and team doctor help him to relieve his injury and rediscover the best physical condition, the physical coach helps him to recover and strengthen his fitness, and the technical coach can help him to find a better way to cooperate with his teammates, and so on.

argentina win world cup

After Argentina's loss to Saudi Arabia, the Arabic media "Ole" reported that Messi was not injured but had several body aches and pains, which might be one of the factors affecting his play. Because the World Cup in Qatar was held in the middle of the professional season, players do not get rest to adjust, coupled with age, Messi's physical condition will inevitably decline. For this reason, the Argentine team coaching staff developed a separate training program for Messi to help him adjust his athletic condition.

After the semi-final victory over Croatia, Messi praised the coaching staff in the post-match interview: "Our coaching staff is great, they pay attention to every little thing. They let us know every detail, which lets us know what to do in different situations", and said he was enjoying the World Cup.

It is the silent support of these behind-the-scenes workers that has allowed the world to see a better Messi.

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