UEFA Europa League & Europa Conference League on May 5, 2022 - Who Will be in the Final Round?

Jeffrey Monkhouse

Updated: May 09, 2022 05:58

In the Champions League, Real Madrid relied on the miracle of 2 minutes and 2 goals to drag Manchester City into extra time. In the extra time, Karim Benzema scored a penalty kick. In the end, Real Madrid advanced to the final and will compete with Liverpool for this season's Champions League championship.

Tonight, there will also be the final teams of two major events, UEFA Europa Conference League and UEFA Europa League.

Here let's see UEFA Europa League first:

. Glasgow Rangers v RB Leipzig

Leipzig won -0 in the first round. In this away game, they can still make full concessions. The probability of not losing is very high. It's optimistic that Leipzig will win and enter the final match!

rangers v leipzig

2. Eintracht Frankfurt vs West Ham

Frankfurt beat West Ham United 2- in the first round, and this time back at home will also qualify for the final as long as they don't lose. However, the organization's support for Frankfurt is insufficient. After Frankfurt upset Barcelona, people will naturally look up. West Ham United is stronger in terms of comprehensive strength. West Ham United have a chance to win this game and eventually advance!

frankfurt vs west ham

ClevPicks Prediction of Final Teams on UEFA Europa League: RB Leipzig vs West Ham

Now here comes to UEFA Europa Conference League:

. Roma vs Leicester

In the first round, Roma drew - with Leicester City. The two teams have not been in a good state recently, and it is possible for anyone to win. However, Leicester City's scoring ability is not guaranteed, and the quality of defense is average. Mourinho has worked in the Premier League for many years. It's believed that he can make targeted plans for Leicester City. He is still optimistic about Roma, who has better scoring ability. win!

roma vs leicester

2. Marseille vs Feyenoord

Marseille lost 2-3 in the first round, and then lost 0-3 to Lyon. There was a problem with the team, while Feyenoord maintained a strong fighting ability, scoring goals every game, and scoring ability is quite strong, Marseille is hard to resist, and Feyenoord only needs to be unbeaten to advance, so it's estimated that Feyenoord will enter the final smoothly!

marseille vs feyenoord

ClevPicks Prediction of Final Teams on UEFA Europa Conference League: Roma vs Feyenoord

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