Cottbus vs Werder Bremen on August 1st 2022 - Bremen Back On Top Tonight?

Nick Wilhelm

Updated: Aug 01, 2022 08:48

[Cottbus vs Werder Bremen on August 1st 2022 - Bremen Back On Top Tonight?]

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Game time:

Today will be Cottbus vs Werder Bremen. Round 1 of German Cup. Game starts at 18:00 local time.

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It's Cottbus meet Werder Bremen at Stadion der Freundschaft in round 1 of German Cup on Monday 1 August.

Bundesliga promotion team Werder Bremen will play their first game of the new season, starting with the first round of the German Cup before the official start of Bundersliga.

In this game, Werder Bremen will face their old rival Cottbus, both of whom played in the Bundesliga at the turn of the century.

But twenty years later, the fortunes of both teams have changed dramatically, with Werder Bremen no longer the Bundesliga giants that rivalled Dortmund and Schalke 04, and Cottbus going all the way from the Bundesliga to the Regionalliga, the 4th level of German football league system.


Home team: Cottbus (Last 4 friendlies: 2-1-1 Score 10 goals and lose 7 goals)

Cottbus are struggling in the Regionalliga, and they are not even a strong team in that league with having declined alarmingly over the last twenty years.

Their squad is now worth around €2.5 million in total, which is very poor. Their players are mostly from local, with no foreign players of high quality.

In terms of depth, they are certainly far above their peers, but they are facing a similar dilemma to Munich 1860, and a return to the top three divisions is their most important goal.

In their last 10 games, Cottbus have only managed 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses. In a couple of friendlies this summer, the East German giants have done well but against low-level opponents.

They have now also been invited to play in the Swedish fourth division, but they are still not strong in that power bracket.

As a team that had a lot of lingering memories in the Bundesliga at the turn of the century and were top giants in the East German era, it is a sad state of affairs that they are in today.


Away team: Werder Bremen (Last 4 friendlies: 1-2-1 Score 7 goals and lose 9 goals)

Having reached the Europa League for years, Werder Bremen were the top team in the Bundesliga when the century began.

However, their decline in recent seasons has been very noticeable, and they were even playing in the 2. Bundesliga last season before returning to the Bundesliga this season.

They lost so many high quality players that they have needed to make significant changes to their squad since returning to the Bundesliga. They have signed 7 players this summer, but 6 of them are free and the team is in a pretty bad financial position.

In their last 10 games, Werder Bremen have got 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, which is a decent overall form. They are basically crushing it in the 2. Bundesliga, so promotion was easily accomplished.

In friendlies this summer, Werder Bremen lost to Oldenburg and Besiktas. Losing to a Turkish giants like Besiktas is not bad, although it is a friendly, but they are not favoured in the Bundesliga for the new season either.

For them, the goal for the new season is still relegation. Staying in the Bundesliga is their biggest goal, other than that everything can be left behind.

With the Bundesliga going to start in a few days, this is their last chance to warm up, but of course, it is not excluded that they may rotate with cup matches to ensure that their main players are rested.



Werder Bremen 3-2 Cottbus 09/01/2015 Friendly Match

Werder Bremen 1-1 Cottbus 20/07/2012 Friendly Match

Cottbus 2-1 Werder Bremen 21/02/2009 Bundesliga

Werder Bremen 3-1 Cottbus 30/12/2017 Premier League

Burnley 0-0 Huddersfield 23/09/2017 Premier League

Cottbus 0-2 Werder Bremen 24/11/2007 Bundesliga


All things considered, the difference between these two teams is very clear.

Werder Bremen, despite their previous relegation experience, quickly found their way back into the Bundesliga, while Cottbus, now relegated to the Regionalliga, have very little chance of returning.

The last time these two teams met was a friendly game in 2015, which is now completely out of the question.

However, given the comparison of the two teams, Werder Bremen have the absolute upper hand even on the road. So this match is more likely to be an away win for Werder Bremen, with a possible goal difference of two goals or more.

Predict Bremen would win at least two goals, recommendation: Asian Handicap: Werder Bremen -1.75

ClevPicks Prediction: Werder Bremen -1.75

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