What If You Meet A Losing Streak? 5 Tips To Help You Win In A Row!

Jeffrey Monkhouse

Updated: Aug 09, 2022 03:14

Winning and losing in a row are like twin brothers, and we will inevitably encounter them. Like two sides of a coin, there is always one side. Winning in a row is always pleasant, but losing in a row is inevitable. How to be wise to deal with it? The following 5 points may help you better understand the continuous loss and recover.


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1. Understand continuous losses

If someone loses in a row, someone else must win in a row. The world is so balanced.

The very realistic fact is that even those successful professional players, after thousands of bets over the years, it is normal to lose for a long time.

If losing streak makes your account shrink seriously, you need to re-examine your betting strategy and plan, such as the arrangement of funds and the selection criteria of the team, etc.

If all this seems reasonable, keep betting.

If you find that those bets you lose are actually not in line with your own betting theory, you should quickly adjust them before the position bursts, and don't gamble too much.



2. Take a deep breath

The important difference between professional players and ordinary players is that they will adjust their state.

Imagine, if you are a team coach and have the possibility to choose, choose another team immediately after the big defeat, or adjust the team status, summarize the experience, and then wait for the opportunity to choose a team? Gambling is the same.

If you feel that losing in a row will make you make a wrong decision or you can't stick to your betting plan, stop and have a rest. Spend a few days thinking about why you made these wrong choices. When you think clearly, you can start again.


3. Analyze your betting theory

If you lose in a row and are about to lose your pants, you must re-examine your theory.

There must be something wrong. Never lose! With a modest heart, carefully review your betting list.

A very good habit is to record your bets and write down the reasons why you bet so much. Stick to your betting plan? Have you analyzed it according to the predetermined idea?

If you don't insist on doing so, even if you win, you will win in a muddle. I don't know whether the lottery friends feel it?

Keeping a record of betting is not only a training of one's will, but also a great opportunity for oneself to review historical achievements and summarize experience, which cannot be bought by a thousand dollars. You don't want to remember or don't bother to remember. Have you ever wondered why?


4. Don't be a coward

When losing in a row, you must be strong and hold your head high. It's okay to lose.

Successful professional players will often encounter them, not to mention ordinary lottery fans like us. If, after careful examination, you find that you have done nothing wrong, stick to the betting plan, choose according to your own theory, and the theory has been tested by previous practice, then continue.

Once you pass this period, you will be extremely strong and confident. Practice everywhere in life!

It's also very meaningful to think about losing streak from another angle. It gives you a chance to be more confident and improve the betting theory.


5. Overcome continuous losses

Even if you lose, the way to deal with it is actually very simple. If the method is not right, change it. Football doesn't work, try basketball or some other sports. There is always a sport that suits you. However, it must be noted that before the method is mature, do not rush to bet. You might as well make virtual bets or minimum bets to avoid losses.

There is a proverb that says: if you are not prepared to fail, be prepared to fail! Losing in a row is a very normal phenomenon on lottery. As long as you are prepared, you will become stronger if you get out of losing in a row.


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